Our Artists


After years of studies in Communication Design, Rita wishes to take the step to realize her dream. Born then ClementinAtelier where she expresses all her creativity by sculpting vases more unique than the others. 


  Straight from Portugal, Rita launches into a new project: conquering the hearts of Parisians. 



Béa Corteel, alias Béa Yato, was raised in a Parisian artistic environment and after studying Art History, worked in graphics and fashion. It is on the French Riviera that the artist has set up her studio to work on porcelain and upcycling. On vintage plates that she hunts down in Provence, but sends all over the world, she recreates custom-made decorations by hand.


Each piece is unique. An approach that reconciles eco-responsibility, tradition and made-to-measure luxury. At the table or on your walls.

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Ylvaya Design - Boutique


Straight from Norway and following a career as a florist, Signe has traveled all over the world. Arriving in Paris in 2012, she worked for several companies as a designer.

After a few years in this environment, she wants to embark on a new adventure: create her own company, YLVAYA, which was born in 2017.

In order to create his designs, Signe is inspired by the nature of his country of origin, the rich culture of the Sami, the art and the antique markets of Paris.

Bazelaire workshop

Brigitte de Bazelaire, initially trained in decorative painting at the School of Plastic Arts, expands her horizons by working in the Savigny workshops in Paris. She performs her apprenticeship in the workshop of her friend Luis Castaldo in Mallorca and finally alongside the publisher Sentou.

Full of creativity, Brigitte creates unique and poetic pieces with bright colors and sensual shapes. This ceramist, who loves playing with transparency and color contrast so much, draws her inspiration from the nature of her childhood.

Marie Verlet - Boutique

Marie Verlet

Having settled in the Var, in Paris and more recently in Crotoy, Marie Verlet is inspired by the landscapes that surround her. Fascinated by the constant change of these, she depicts nature as she sees it. Sometimes full of colors, sometimes cloudy and gray, all worked on his favorite material: porcelain.

Marie naturally turns to everyday objects such as goblets, timpani or even vases to transform them into real tableware.