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Head Waiter H/F   


Nomad's is looking for its new Head Waiter (M/F) to complete its team in the dining room.


Skills and know-how 


  • Welcoming and accompanying the customer 

  • Knowledge of the menu and suggestions 

  • Order taking, table service and cashiering

  • Clearing and straightening of tables

  • Techniques for carrying plates and serving on trays 

  • Knowledge and respect of HACCP standards


Know-how :

  • Sense of customer service

  • Autonomy and reactivity

  • Availability

  • Team work

  • Correct presentation required

Job type :  Full time, permanent contract

We are hiring

Head of Party M / F

Nomad's is looking for its new Chef de partie. Under the responsibility of the Chef, he supervises the clerks and apprentices in the kitchen. For it :

Skills and know-how:

  • Compliance with HACCP and safety standards

  • Knowledge of kitchen organization

  • Know how to use a technical sheet

  • Knowledge of cooking techniques: sauces, fish and meat

  • Food loss management

  • Memorization techniques


Know-how :

  • Rigor and responsiveness

  • Autonomy and availability

  • Listening and organized

  • Team work

Job type: Full time, permanent contract

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